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Welcome to Pacific Coast Maples, a company specializing in growing and grafting Japanese maple trees. All of our maples are hand grafted using scion wood from Japanese Maple Specimens with exceptional color and superior genetics.  We thank you for visiting us and desire that your shopping experience be a pleasurable one. If we can assist you in any way please send an e-mail to JapaneseMaples@PacificCoastMaples.com or call us at (951) 775-7274.

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About Us
Pacific Coast Maples has a goal of providing world-class quality Japanese maple trees to professionals, collectors and maple enthusiasts throughout the United States. Of the more than 500 Japanese maple cultivars, Pacific Coast Maples specializes in what we consider to be the top 40 Japanese maples in the world today. We have selected our outstanding Japanese maple cultivars based on color, structure, strength, tolerance to heat and cold and the trees overall appearance. 

Pacific Coast Maples sits high in the hills overlooking the Temecula Valley in beautiful Southern California. Pacific Coast Maples got its name from the 'Pacific Coast' breeze that blows through the Temecula Valley each day, thus making it an area where grapes, avocados, and citrus thrive.  

Our company is dedicated to growing Japanese maples of outstanding quality while providing first class service and customer satisfaction.  We strive to help make the world a more beautiful place one household at a time.  We are passionate about what we do, and thank the Lord and Japanese maple experts that have spent endless hours assisting us in mastering the art of grafting and growing these colorful trees.

Japanese Maple Trees Fall Colors

Japanese Maple Tree News & Information

      Pacific Coast Maples wants to thank all of our customers for their business last year as we look forward to this coming spring season.  We have had many highlights over the last few years but their were a couple that stood above the rest.  Our first highlight of note is in regards to a customer from the state of Washington who placed eleven separate orders in one year, which is a record for the company.  Secondly, we feel very priveledged to have sent out a Japanese maple to our oldest and wisest customer to date, a 90 year old gentleman, who served as a Professor at Stanford University for many years.  We hope this fine gentleman has many healthy years to enjoy his colorful Japanese maple tree. 
     We have worked hard in the off season to grow and graft more colorful Japanese maple trees. Pacific Coast Maples has purchased many world-class specimen maples over the last few years. We are now using the scion wood from these older specimen trees to graft Japanese maples with outstanding genetics, thus making our trees more beautiful than ever before. All of our Japanese maples are grafted, and not grown from seed, thus providing you with superior Japanese maple trees that are true to their name.
      We have expanded our nursery and grafting operation and are looking to continue our outstanding customer service. Pacific Coast Maples is now selling larger specimen trees that are 10 to 20 years old. These trees can become an instant focal point to any garden landscape. If you are looking for quality Japanese maples you have come to the right place. We sell Japanese maple cultivars in all sizes. Please contact us today as we look forward to serving you.

Japanese Maple Tree Sizes
All of our trees can be purchased online in our shopping cart
Size #1
= One year old grafts on 2 year old rootstalk = $89
Size #2
= Two year old grafts on 2 year old rootstalk = $109
Size #3= Three year old grafts on 2 year old rootstalk = $129
Size #4
= Four year old grafts on 2 year old rootstalk = $159
Size #5
= Five year old grafts on 2 year old rootstalk = $189
Specimen Trees- 10-20 year old Japanese Maples = $1,000-$2,500  
Our specimen trees are field grown.  Field grown trees will be dug,
wrapped in burlap, and placed inside a container prior to shipping.

Japanese Maple Tree Displaying Its Fabulous Fall Colors

Planter Bowl for Japanese Maples
Japanese Maple planted inside
Pacific Coast Maples Nursery

List of Japanese Maple Cultivars at Pacific Coast Maples

*All of our Japanese maples are grafted.  Grafting Japanese maples is a superior propagation method that transfers the outstanding genetics of the parent plant to the newly grafted Japanese maple tree.

Grafting Japanese Maples

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Japanese Maple Specimens

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Scion Wood for Grafting

Acer Palmatum Rootstalk

Autumn Moon
Beni Maiko
Chishio Improved
Crimson Queen
Emperor I

Glowing Embers
Hana Matoi
Inaba Shidare
Mikawa Yatsubusa
Murasaki Kiyohime


Pendulum Julian
Red Dragon
Rhode Island Red
Sango Kaku

Sharp's Pygmy
Shin Deshojo
Shira Red
Shishi Yatsubusa
Pacific Coast Maples is a company dedicated to service as well as growing and grafting colorful Japanese maple trees.  Our emphasis is on growing and grafting world class Japanese maple trees that preserve the trees natural color, structure, and overall beauty.
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